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How To Fit A Pressalit B13 Toilet Seat Hinge

Pressalit Hinge Fitting (Bottom Mounted) B13, B33, B36, B47, B48, BA1, BB2, BB5, BG4, BJ9, BL2, BU4, BU5, D94, D97, DC3, DD8, UN3, UN9 Used on: Pressalit 716 - Pressalit 750 - Pressalit 1000 - Pressalit 2000 - Pressalit 3000 - Pressalit Aqua - Pressalit C

How To Fit A Pressalit BR7 Toilet Seat Hinge

(Bottom Mounted) BR7, BN2, BN8, D07 Used on: Pressalit Objecta - Pressalit Objecta D - Pressalit T 2 - Pressalit Zaga - Pressalit 2000