Find A Seat To Fit My Toilet

So you have looked at the manufactures list on the left hand side thats if you know the manufacture and checked all of the toilets inside each of the series but still can't find your toilet. Don't worry we haven't profiled every toilet ever made even though we are trying to. Please fill in this form below. This form will help us identify your toilet from the measurments. Please make sure you fill out the first 3 sections as this information is vital. The additional information is not needed but the more information you can give us the more acurate we can be. Please remember to fill out your personal data so we know who the information has come from. We aim to get back to you within 1 working day.


Dimensions To Detect

Hinge Option

Additional Information
Whats the name printed on the toilet
Name of the model number
How old is your toilet
What mark does your toilet have
What colour is your seat

Your Data
Name & Surname
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If you have filled out this form you must follow on with images to

Please do not fill out this form without following on with images of your toilet as it makes it very hard to find a seat without seing the toilet.

This will make the process alot quicker as the images really help. We will require an images of the front and side of toilet.