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Cesame Bit Series

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Cesame Bit SeriesCesame Bit Series

Manufacture: Cesame
Model: Bit
Code: 030201

Shown here is the original
Cesame Bit Freestanding Toilet - 030201
Below is a choice of replacement toilet seats to fit this toilet collection.
Please ensure you are choosing the correct seat for your toilet as toilets are all shaped differently and have specific seats to fit.

Where available we have the genuine manufacturer’s seat for sale. As well as alternatives that has been recommended by a seat manufacture as a suitable replacement toilet seat to fit this model. Naturally you are welcome to contact us with your questions.
We have patterns for more than 300 different shapes. If you are unsure which toilet you have, you can send us a photo of your toilet (with any identifying markings) and we will help to identify which make & model of toilet you have.
Cesame Bit Series

Cesame Bit Series

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