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Twyford Coloured Toilet Seats
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Shown here are the known colours that Twyford Bathrooms produced
*Please note: all colour images are for guidance only as they may differ visually according to screen resolution.


Colour Name

Colour Discription

Duplicate Colours
(Same As)


Warm Cream

Manufactured Between 1980-1989

Alpine Blue

Medium Royal Blue

Manufactured Between 1980-1987


Olive Green

Manufactured Between 1960-2000

Jubilee Blue

Pale Blue

Manufactured Between 1970-1985

Armitage Blue
Light Blue

Pale To Medium Green Shade.

Manufactured Between 1950 and 1980

Linden Green

Medium Shade Of Green

Manufactured Between 1980-1990


Pale Olive Green

Manufactured Between 1960-2000


Medium Green With A Hint Of Lime

Manufactured Between 1970's-1980's

Twyford Coloured Toilet Seats

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