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Here are a list of the frequently asked questions and the answers below

How to send photos?

About the website

How much is the delivery charge?
Does the item include VAT?
Do we accept returns?
How do we purchase items?
Is the website secure?

How much is the delivery charge?
The delivery charge is set for each country; UK mainland delivery is £3.99 for small parcels and £7.99 for large items (Including up to 100+ toilet seats) If you add the items to the basket and select your country this will give you your total price.

Does the item include VAT?
All items on the website include VAT if your country is exempt of VAT this will be removed when you go to the checkout and select your country of delivery. 

Do you accept returns?
We do accept returns as long as the items haven’t been fitted, we don’t accept returns on bespoke items, where the products have been finished or made especially for your order. If the order is bespoke made or finished, you will receive an email once the order is placed, stating this information.

How do we purchase items?

  1. 1st things first make sure you have found the correct item, if you are unsure then email us and we will be happy to try and guide you.
  2. Once you have found your item you need to add it to the basket by selecting Add To Cart button this will put the item into the basket, if you have more items you would like to add you can continue shopping or go though to the basket.
  3. Now your in the checkout and its giving you your total price, if you are not in the UK select your country and select checkout securley
  4. It will now ask you to put your address and contact details. 
  5. Entering your payment details you can either pay with card or paypal the choice is yours.

Is the website secure?
Yes this is a secure website, once you have go through to the checkout and click checkout securley you will then see the S applied to the end of the httpthe website is now secure for the important part when you are entering card details and personal information.